Mixing Tastes: My Favorite E-juice



People are smoking cigarettes less and less, and moving over to something new, e-cigarettes. One of the best things about switching to an e-cig (other than the many health benefits) is the opportunity to add flavor to your nicotine consumption.

On the journey to find the most satisfying vaporized flavor to add to my e-cig, I have found what is now my favorite e-juice to smoke with an e-cigarette.

Mixing Flavors From Vista Vapor

Giving customers the option to mix flavors is truly ingenious. Normally when you want something specific from your e-cigarette that stores don’t carry, you have to custom order your e-juice, this is expensive, and a hassle. Providing customers with four different base flavors that they can mix (at a low price) allows us to be inventive with the taste, which is a crucial part of our daily ritual.

The flavors I decided to buy were, coconut, bourbon vanilla, raspberry, and butterscotch. I happily awaited the arrival of my e-juice while going about my day-to-day life. When the package finally arrived I ripped it open and basked in the glory of my nicotine packed goodies.

Experiment 1:Raspberry Butterscotch
This mixture proved to be a lot better than I was expecting. It tasted like the butterscotch my grandfather used to keep buried in his pockets, plus a dash of something exciting. If I were going to give it a name it would be, “Not Your Grandpa’s Candy”. The raspberry was a little hidden from me, due to the overwhelming power of the butterscotch taste, but overall I would call this one a win.

Experiment 2: Bourbon Vanilla and Coconut
Do you like pina coladas? This tastes like a pina colada. I will say the bourbon taste was what I liked the most from this mixture and I ended up just smoking the bourbon vanilla e-juice on its own. While the coconut added something nice to the taste I think the bourbon vanilla is better without anything added to it.

Experiment 3: Raspberry Coconut

This was the best mix of e-juice ever! I loved it, maybe I’m just a fruit person. The coconut and raspberry complimented each other perfectly, neither one overwhelmed the other. It was tangy, but sweet, and I smoked quite a lot of this juice, it might become my new go-to flavor combination.

If you’re looking for something new from your e-juice then I suggest trying out this pack. This allows you to play around without being too worried about cost. If you know the exact mix you like, and who sells it, this might not be a good product for you. I personally loved the ability to have more choice with my e-juice, and to get to make my own distinctive blends of flavors.