Can you really stop smoking?

Hello fellow and future vapers!!
E-Cigarettes have been around for about 6-7 years, and I only learned about them a year ago. There are a lot of reasons to switch to E-Cigs; no tobacco smoke, no cigarette related health problems, and no standing outside in the extreme weather.

For me the best reason was that I could still get my nicotine, but in a great flavor. Which is watermelon by the way! Although I do like to experiment with the different flavors. E-no-smoking-24175_640Juice can be brought in a variety of flavors, and you can experiment until you have a flavor that is perfect for you. Strawberry and vanilla cream makes a nice strawberry ice cream flavor. Ginseng and mint creates a very nice herbal tea flavor. If you’re looking for a more traditional cigarette taste mix tobacco flavor with menthol flavor; this will take a few tries to get the perfect taste you like.
A message for the confused. If you really don’t know what kind to get look around at local E-Cig stores in your area, because some of them will let you sample different flavors. If there are no stores around that does this, then look online for sample packages. There are usually about four or more per package. There is even a website ( that will let you create different flavor combinations before they ship them to you. How cool is that! No mixing, and no mess.

There are also different strengths of nicotine, ranging from 54mg. – 0mg. Try a few of them to see which one works for you. If you like the flavors, but not the nicotine, then try a nicotine-free version.

On a more personal note! I believe that E-Cigs improved my quality of life. I was an 18 year regular cigarette smoker who had many health problems. My blood pressure was high, and I was pre-diabetic. About five years ago I started losing my voice, and each time was worse than the last time. About two years ago along with the hoarse throat I developed swelling, itching, and pain; I couldn’t talk or really eat. This lasted four months at a time. So I went to the doctor, who told me that I had developed acid reflux from the tobacco smoke, and that I needed to quit if I wanted to be healthy again. Now I had tried everything to quit smoking for years with no success.

Stopping IS possible!

Quitting is possible!

Until a friend came over to my house a year ago with an E-Cig, and changed my life. She had me try hers, and even left it with me. I was hooked, and I completely stopped smoking regular cigarettes. In two weeks my throat was feeling much better, and I was no longer hoarse or raspy. About a month later my blood pressure had dropped to an almost normal range.

I would definitely recommend an E-Cig to anyone who is trying to quit regular cigarettes. Do your research on different type of E-Cigs, and E-Juices. The possibilities are endless, and it is fun playing mix master too. Let your creative juices flow. Who knows what new creations you will come up with? For the most delicious flavors, and high quality vape equipment for a better price visit eJuice Farm.
Happy Vaping!